Swiss precision manufacturing

We will manufacture parts, prototypes or design ideas in solid metal with extreme precision based on your solid models, drawings or napkin sketches.
We can make complex and precise part geometries out of conventional and exotic metals and plastics.
With a facility based in Lausanne, your designs will be manufactured in the heart of Europe with Swiss precision and care since best tooling and material supply partners are easily accessible. This helps to keep the supply chain challenges out of the equation.
We use Gibbscam - no G-code by hand, it helps to run things as efficiently and reliably as possible. Our quality control system is in compliance with ISO 9001 and 9100 - we maintain material and tooling traceability and document our processes to ensure you get excellent parts consistently.
Your designs will be affordable - we use fast, precise and efficient equipment. Size wise, we can handle up to 400 by 350 by 250 millimeter work envelope.
Our setup allows 1 to 5000 parts flexibility with fast turnarounds and efficient logistics and shipping. All manufacturing is in house with full control over every step.
Your design remains yours, as all work will be done in a confidential and trustworthy manner.
We will sign an NDA and a non-compete undertaking, which is fully binding and enforceable in Switzerland and Worldwide. All manufacturing is performed on our premices.
Send us an email at:
Mamabot SA
1053 Bretigny-sur-Morrens